AIIMS MD/MS Entrance : practice test

Tuberculids are seen in

A patient has carcinoma of right tongue on its lateral border of anterior 2/3rd, with lymph node of size 4 cm in level 3 on the side of the neck, stage of disease is

Which does not handle free radicals inside lens

A lady presents with Jaundice, abdominal distension and pedal edema after delivering a normal baby. Her clinical condition deteriorates with increasing abdominal distension and severe ascites. Her bilirubin is 5 mg/dl, S.alkaline phosphatase was 450 u/L and ALT 345 u/L. There is tender hepatomegaly 6 cm below costal margin and ascitic fluid show protein less than 2 mg%. Diagnosis is

In patients with osteoarthritis of knee joint, atrophy occurs most commonly in which muscle :

True about solitary rectal ulcer syndrome is all/except

A patient comes with hematemesis and malena. On the upper GI endoscopy there was no significant lesion. 2 days later the patient rebleeds. Next line of investigation is

Colonic diverticulosis is best diagnosed by

A 20 yr old girl presents with 9 month history of neck swelling with thyrotoxic symptoms. On investigation increased T4 and decreased TSH with palpable 2 cm nodule was found. Next investigation will be


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NEET Biology Tuitions and Coaching
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