AIPGMEE 2011 MOCK : Check where you stand Online Test

A patient sustained Traumatic injury to major abdominal vessels. lt has been planned to explore the Suprarenal Aorta. the Celiac Axis, the Superior Mesentric Artery, and the Left Renal Artery. What maneuver for exposure is recommended:

A. Cranial Visceral Rotation

B. Caudal Visceral Rotation

C. Left Medial Visceral Rotation

D. Right Medical Visceral Rotation

The following is a marker of Paget’s disease of breast

A. S- 100

B. HMB 45


D. Neuron specific enolase

All of the following are true about Lymphoma of the thymus except:

A. More common in females

B. Slow growing

C. Clinically confused with undifferentiated tumours

D. May present with respiratory distress and dysphagia

Millard Gubler syndrome includes the following except :

A. 5th nerve palsy

B. 6th nerve palsy

C. 7th nerve palsy

D. Contralateral hemiparesis

All of the following true about Raynaud’s disease except:

A. More common in females

B. Positive Antinuclear Antibodies

C. Most common cause of raynaud’s phenomenon

D. Has good prognosis

Hypophosphatemia is seen in all except:

A. Acute renal failure

B. Resolving phases of diabetic ketocidosis

C. Respiratory alkalosis / COPD

D. Chronic alcoholism


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