ESOL - Elementary English - Test 03 - Complete the sentence

My flat has only ____ .

I can't write down your address.

I haven't _____.

I have only _____ for the concert, not two.

I can't open this door.

I haven't got _____.

My father is _____ .

I have three brothers. But I have only ____ sister.

I can drive, but I haven't got _____ .

The first word of a sentence begins with _____ letter.

I don't start the day without ______.

A sentence is _____ that expresses a complete thought.


I hope you will like this test.

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bijay kumar pradhan

Hi, Victor it was very good test.
Thanks lot.

4023 days 1 hours 35 minutes ago

Samarth K

Whew a 10 on 10!
:D Thanks a ton for this Viktor!

4031 days 22 hours 2 minutes ago

diksha sharma

it was easy

4032 days 1 hours 34 minutes ago

diksha sharma

i was easy

4032 days 1 hours 35 minutes ago

Farida Begum

Viktor ,it was a well designed test.I took it elegantly and came out with some faults.It is not to repent and yell for the wrong i made but time to enjoy and learn. THANKS

4033 days 20 hours 26 minutes ago

viktor ESL
ESL / EFL / ESOL English Teacher. Beginner and Elementary levels.
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