Mechanical Engineering - Welding process Online Test

In the following welding processes which type doesnot fit the group

For constructing gas tanks and leak proof containers _______________________________ welding process is used

In molten state metal has

In case of arc welding the flux

In the following figure zone 2 refers to

Identify the welding represented by the given figure

Identify the welding process in the figure

Which of these welding processes can be carried out in a lathe

Find the wrong statement in the following statements

Identify the weld defect in the given picture


If you are a mechanical engineer and want to earn in quicker than others, then you will have to master one subject, which is welding process. Understanding welding requires you to learn three subjects. 1.Welding metallurgy 2. Welding Technology 3. Welding Inspection. In this test you are going to be tested in welding technology. This is just an awareness test, so just try it. Any comments please post here or write to me :



You make so many great points here that I read your article a couple of times. Your views are in accordance with my own for the most part. This is great content for your readers.

1254 days 6 hours 38 minutes ago


Dalam penggunaan serta pemakaiannya, logam pada umumnya tidak merupakan

1591 days 14 hours 22 minutes ago


metaloid (yang menyerupai logam).
Logam dapat dibagi dalam beberapa golongan, yaitu :
Logam berat : besi, nikel, krom, tembaga, timah putih, timah hitam, dan

1591 days 14 hours 29 minutes ago


cant i review the answers without re attempting????

1947 days 22 hours ago


so nice....things which u taught in our class...makes me to feel better...thanq sir!

3455 days 2 hours 58 minutes ago


scored 10 out of 10... :)

3456 days 11 hours 21 minutes ago

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