Types of Testing in Software Engineering

Procedural design is done -------------
Before data design
Before system design
Before interface design
After data, architectural and interface design
Software testing is done to -------------
Correct a error
Find a error
Show absence of defect
None of the above
Types of testing are
White box and Block box
Initial and final
Good and bad
None of the above
Basic path testing is -------------
Black box testing method
White box testing method
Both Black box testing method & White box testing method
None of the above
Cyclometric complexity is given by V(G) -------------
E- N +2
E+N +2
E-N -2
E-N +4
Area bounded by edges and nodes is called --------------
Basic path
Regions & Basic path
None of the above
Size of graph matrix is ------------
Equal to number of edges
Equal to number of nodes
Equal to sum of edges and nodes
Twice the number of nodes
------------- is not a type of control structure testing
Equivalence analysis
Loop testing
Basic path testing
Conditional testing
Various types of loops are -----------
Simple loop
Nested loop
Concatenate loop
All of the above
Block box testing finds ------------
Interface errors
Coding errors
Syntax errors
Design errors
--------------- is a block box testing method.
Boundary value analysis
Code validation analysis
Basic path testing
None of the above
BVA Does not test cases for -----------
Range bounded by a,b
Types of validation testing is -------------
Alpha and beta testing
Top down and bottom up testing
Both 1 & 2
Recovery and integration testing
Software reliability is given by --------------
Software availability is more sensitive to ----------------
What is gray box testing ----------------
It is a white box testing
It is a block box testing
It is a white and block box testing
None of the above

This test will check your ability to find out the types of testings in software engineering. This test contains 16 questions.
Disclaimer: Content, such as images used in the questions (if any), have been picked up from various places for the sole purpose of Instruction.


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