Fundamentals of Software Testing

Which of the following is not a measure of software quality?
Function oriented metrics were first proposed by-----
Measurements can be categorized in two ways. Direct measures and indirect measures. Size oriented metrics falls under which category?
Can be both direct and indirect
None of these
Which of the following is a step of software design model ?
Data design
Architecture design
Interface design
All of the above
Which of the following is not a characteristic of of good design?
The design must implement all of the explicit requirements
The design must be readable, understandable guide for those who generate code
The design should provide a complete picture of software
The design should include future scope
Software design is --------
Process & Model
None of these
“The design process should not suffer from “ Tunnel Vision “, the statement means -----
A good designer should consider alternative approaches, judging each based o the requirements of the problem, the resources available to do the job.
Design should be traceable to the analysis model.
Design time should be invested in representing the truly new ideas and integrating those patterns that already exist.
The design should minimize the intellectual distance between the software and the problem as it exits in the real world.
Functional independence is a key to good design. Independence is measured using --------
Both (A) and (B)
None of these
The interface design describes ------
The information domain model created during analysis transforms in to the data structures.
Relationship among major structural elements of the program.
How the software communicates with in itself, to systems that interoperate with it, and with humans who use it.
How structural elements of the program architecture transforms into a procedural description of software components.
--------------- design use information flow characteristics to derive program structure.
User Interface
None of these
----------------- is a set of design steps that allows a DFD with transform flow characteristics to be mapped in to a predefined template for program structure.
Transaction flow
Transform mapping
Design evaluation
Which of the following is a layer of object oriented design pyramid ?
Sub system layer
Class and object layer
Message layer
All of the above
During subsystem design, necessary component is/ are-------
Problem domain
Human interaction
Task management and data management
All of the above
Which one of the following is an object oriented programming language used for software development /
ADA 95
Small talk
All of the above
At the business or enterprise level, the techniques associated with object oriented analysis can be coupled with an information engineering approach. The technique is often called------
Requirement analysis
Domain analysis
Entity analysis
Relationship analysis
A design description of an object can take -----------
A protocol description
An implementation description
A protocol description & An implementation description
None of these
The object design focuses on the ---------
Description of data structure
All of the above
White box testing, a software testing technique is some times called ------------
Basic path
Graph testing
Data flow
Glass box testing
Block box testing some times called--------
Data flow testing
Loop testing
Behavioral testing
Graph based testing
Which of the following is type of system testing?
Recovery testing
Security testing
Stress testing
All of the above

This is a fundamental test on software engineering and it will test your basic concepts of software Engineerng. This test contains 20 questions.
Disclaimer: Content, such as images used in the questions (if any), have been picked up from various places for the sole purpose of Instruction.



The title incorrectly states that this is a test of Software Testing fundamentals. In fact, it is a test of Software *Engineering* fundamentals (as the description correctly points out).

There are only three questions on this test directly related to software testing.

Most of the software engineering concepts are not something a normSee more

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Rob Nash

First time trying one of these tests

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