Passive Voice and Prepositions Online Test

Portuguese _____________ in Brazil.

Ferrari cars ________________ in Italy.

Macbeth ______________ by William Shakespeare.

Cricket ________________ with a bat and ball.

The Taj Mahal _________________ in about 1640.

The town was destroyed ____ an earthquake.

My mother was born ___ Spain.

The computer industry is still dominated ____ Microsoft.

Martin was arrested _____ drink driving on Saturday night.

English literature is taught ____ Oxford University.

Honey is produced _____ bees.

In England, tea is usually drunk ____ milk.

Christmas is celebrated ____ December.

What are your shoes made ____?

The class was cancelled ___ 8.25am.

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Starting with a general test on present and past simple passives and moving on to the delightful subject of prepositions!
Be careful with the singular / plural & past / present forms of the verb 'to be' and remember those past participles.
We use the passive voice when the 'agent' is unknown, not mentioned or important, or when the focus of the sentence is the the result of the action. Good luck all!



14/15, oou!
failed on q13,

thank you Joanna

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Very useful!

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