Basics of Software Testing

Choose the right sequence of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) steps?
Design, Requirement analysis, coding , testing
Requirement analysis, Design, coding , testing
Requirement analysis, coding , testing, Design
Coding ,Design, Requirement analysis, testing
A software process model is chooses based on the ------
Nature of the project and application
The methods and tools to be used
The controls and deliverables that are required
All of the above
“It is a test model. It can serve as ‘the first system’. Users get a feel for the actual system”. It refers to ----------
RAD model
Incremental model
Prototyping model
Waterfall model
What is the first activity of prototype model?
Designing of a test model
Requirement gathering
Testing of model
None of these
RAD is a linear sequential software development process model. RAD is an acronym for -------------
Rapid Application Development
Rapid Action Development
Rough Application Development
Rough Action Development
Which of the following is a phase of RAD model?
Business moodeling
Data modeling
Application generation
All of the above
RAD is not appropriate when -----------
Fact findings already done
Technical risks are high
Testing is not needed
None of these
The spiral model originally proposed by----------
Winston Royce
Which of the following is not an evolutionary software process model?
Incremental model
Spiral model
Component Assembly Model
Prototyping Model
Which of the following is a task region of spiral model?
Risk Analysis
All of the above
The ----------model remains operative until the software is retired.
Water fall
None of these
In risk analysis of spiral model which of the following risks include----------
Both (a) and (b)
None of these
A quantitative measure of the degree to which a system, component, or a process possess a given attribute?
A metric or combination of the metrics that provides insight into the software process, a software project or the product itself ------
Project indicators enable a software project manger to----
Assess the status of an ongoing project
Track potent risks
Uncover problem areas before they “go critical”
All of the above
Which of the following is a purpose of project metrics?
Minimize the development schedule
Assess product quality on an ongoing basis.
Modify the technical approach to improve quality
All of the above
Software metrics domain can be divided into process, project and product metrics. Product metrics are ----- to an individual are often combined to develop project metrics.
Private & public
None of these
Which of the following is a software metrics ?
Size oriented
Function oriented
Extended function point
All of the above
Lines of Code is the key measure of which of the following metrics ?
Size oriented
Function oriented
Extended function point
None of these
Software quality metrics like productivity metrics, focus on the --------------
All of these

This test contains 20 questions of fundamentals of Software Engineering.
Disclaimer: Content, such as images used in the questions (if any), have been picked up from various places for the sole purpose of Instruction.


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