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Which one of the following statements is true for the speed v and the a of a particle executing simple harmonic motion ?
When v is maximum, a is zero
When v is maximum, a is maximum
Value of a is zero, whatever may be the value of v
When v is zero, a is zero
The time period of a mass suspended from a spring is T. If the spring is cut into four equal parts and the same mass is suspended from one of the parts, then the new time period will be
In case of a force vibration, the resonance wave becomes very sharp when the
Quality factor is small
Damping force is small
Restoring force is small
Applied periodic force is small
The potential energy of a simple harmonic oscillator when the particle is half way to its end point is

A whistle of frequency 385 Hz rotates in a horizontal circle of radius 50 cm at an angular speed of 20 radians s-1. The lowest frequency heard by a listener a long distance away at rest with respect to the center of the circle, given velocity of sound equal to 340 ms-1, is
396 Hz
363 Hz
374 Hz
385 Hz
The amplitude of a pendulum executing damped simple harmonic motion falls to 1/3 the original value after 100 oscillations. The amplitude falls to S times the original value after 200 oscillations, where S is
A String Of 7 M Length Has A Mass Of 0.035 Kg . If tension in the string is 60.5 N, then speed of a wave on the string
77 m/s
102 m/s
110 m/s
165 m/s
There Is A Body Having Mass M And Performing S.H.M.WITH Amplitude A. There Is A Restoring Force F = -Kx The total energy of body depend upon
A source and an observer move away from each other, with a velocity of 10 m/s with reseed to ground. If the observer finds the frequency of sound coming from the source as 1950 Hz., then original frequency of source is
1950 Hz
2068 Hz
2132 Hz
2486 Hz
A simple pendulum has a metal bob, which is negatively charged. If it is allowed to oscillate above a positively charged metallic plate, the, its time period will
Become zero
Remain the same
Resonance is an example of
Tuning fork
Forced vibration
Free vibration
Damped vibration
Two waves of lengths 50 cm and 51 cm produced 12 beats per sec. The velocity of sound is
306 m/s
331 m/s
340 m/s
360 m/s
The time period of a simple pendulum is 2 seconds. If its length is increased by 4- times, then its period becomes
16 s
12 s
8 s
4 s
The equation of a traveling wave is y=60 cos (180 t-6x) where y is in microns, t in second and x in meters. The ratio of maximum particle velocity to velocity of wave propagation is
3.6 ×10-4
3.6 ×10-6
3.6 ×10-11
The speed of a wave in a medium is 960 m/s. If 3600 waves are passing through a point in the medium in 1 min., then the wavelength of the wave is
8 m
12 m
16 m
20 m
An organ pipe P1 closed at one end vibrating in its first overtone and another pipe P2, open at both ends vibrating in its third overtone are in resonance with a given tuning fork. The ratio of length of P1 and P2 respectively are given by
If the length of a sample pendulum is increased by 2%, then the time period
Increases by 2%
decreases by 2%
Increases by 1%
decreases by 1%
Two waves of the same frequency and intensity superimpose each other in opposite phases. After the superposition, the intensity and frequency of waves will
Remain constant
Become zero
The equation of a sound wave is given as: y=0.0015 sin(62.4x +316t). The wavelength of this wave is
0.4 unit
0.3 unit
0.2 unit
0.1 unit
In a sinusoidal wave, the time required for a particular point to move from maximum displacement to zero is 0.170 sec. The frequency of the wave is
1.47 Hz
0.36 Hz
0.73 Hz
2.94 Hz
A vehicle, with a horn of frequency n is moving with a velocity of 30 m/s in a direction perpendicular to the straight the joining the observer and the vehicle. The observer perceives the sound to have a frequency n+n1. Then (if the sound velocity in air is 300 m/s)
n1 = 10n
n1 = 0
n1 = 0.1n
n1 = -0.1n
A mass m is vertically suspended from a spring of negligible mass; the system oscillates with a frequency n. What will be the frequency of the system, if a mass 4 m is suspended from the same spring?
4 n
2 n
Two simple pendulum of length 5m and 20m respectively are given small linear displacement in on direction at the same time. They will again be in the phase when the pendulum of shorter length has completed …….. oscillations
A hollow sphere is filled with water. It is hung by a long thread. As the water flows out of a hole at the bottom, the period of oscillation will
First increase and the decrease
First decrease and then increase
Go in increasing
Go on decreasing
A cylindrical resonance tube open at both ends, has fundamental frequency, f, in air, If half of the length is dipped vertically in water, the fundamental frequency of the air column will be
What is the effect of humidity on sound waves when humidity increases?
Speed of sound waves is more
Speed of sound waves is less
Speed of sound waves remains same
Speed of sound waves become zero
A particle starts harmonic motions from the mean position. Its amplitude is A and time period is T. What is its placement when its speed is half of its maximum speed



paper consists of 50 questions which are required to be finished in an hours time.


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