DBMS and SQL Basics Online Test

The DML is used for:

a) Creating tables

b) Retrieving data

c) Deleting users

d) Inserting data

e) Deleting data

The relationship between data is defined in the _______.

Which language is used to permit or prohibit access to a table?

Which language is used to define the integrity constraints?

Which of the following languages is used to define the schema of the database?

The security features of the database are set up by the _______.

The database oriented approach _______ the redundancy of data compared to the file oriented approach.

Which of the following are the roles of the Database Administrator:

a) Managing security issues

b) Storage structure definition

c) Develop application programs

d) Take backups of the database

A group of associated fields is called a _______.

The database oriented approach does not support multiple views of the same data.

In the Relational Model, the number of columns in a table is termed as _______.

In the hierarchical database, the _______ can be located using the hashing function.

Which company has developed the hierarchical model?

Which data model organizes the data in the form of tables and relations?

In the Relational Model, the number of rows in a table is termed as _______.

In the hierarchical model the relationship between records is expressed as _______.

In the Relational Model, each _______ contains values for the _______.

In Relational Model, rows are referred to as _______ and columns are referred to as _______.

The domain in the relational model is said to be atomic if the elements of the domain consist of _______ units.

Which structure is the hierarchical model based on?


This is a test containing some questions about DBMS and SQL.
I hope you all will be able to solve the test easily.
I will provide explanation for the questions if needed.
The questions are very simple. Take the test and let me know how was the test. For any queries you can mail me here




I'm happy with the questions that are provided for each category.

But the questions are very limited (11). It would be great if there is increase in count of the questions which helps in learning more.


3003 days 4 hours 15 minutes ago


this test is very useful for us.thank you

3927 days 9 hours 6 minutes ago


hi..I have a question about number 17. Should it be that each fields/columns/attributes constains values for a Record/tuples

3937 days 16 hours 3 minutes ago


Well, To my knowledge, Select is a data retrieval statement and comes under Data retrieve language.

4079 days 2 hours 3 minutes ago


how come retrieving data comes in DML statements ?

4084 days 23 hours 38 minutes ago

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