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David Cameron has been British Prime Minister ________ May 2010.

He's been working in the I.T. sector _________ last December.

Nisha's been waiting at the station _______ an hour now!

I have loved music and dancing _________ I was a child.

The builders have been at work since ________ .

My daughter hasn't eaten since _________________.

My father has been cycling every day since __________________.

John and Sue have lived in London ________ two years.

Western Art has developed rapidly since ___________________.

Jake has played guitar since ______________.

The television has been on for ___________.

Anna has been teaching at the university for _____________.

We haven't visited your parents for ___________.

It has been an important city for ______________.

Henri's been learning English for _______________.

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English language test - intermediate. Test your use of 'since' and 'for' in present perfect sentences. Remember we use 'since' when we refer to a specific point in time (i.e. since 2001) and 'for' when talking about a time period (i.e. for ten years).


senyawa logam, tetapi merupakan paduan. Logam dan paduannya merupakan bahan Besi : kadar karbon lebih besar dari 2,5%, tidak dapat ditempa.
a. Baja : kadar karbon kurang dari 1,7%, dapat ditempa.

2169 days 11 hours 13 minutes ago


teknik yang penting, dipakai untuk konstruksi mesin, kendaraan, jembatan, bangunan, dan Besi kasar : kadar karbon lebih besar dari 3,5%, tidak dapat ditempa.

2169 days 11 hours 17 minutes ago

MariaSol Cordovez

Great test... did it fine, 15 correct. Thank you!

4068 days 6 hours 45 minutes ago

testing shit

15 CORRECT!!!!!!

4103 days 3 hours 40 minutes ago

testing shit

15 CORRECT!!!!!!

4103 days 3 hours 40 minutes ago


Thank you!! it was a good one, i got confused in some q for a minute :)

4111 days 11 hours 54 minutes ago

Asay Gidena

Dear friends!!!
I find the questions are very interesting as result i learn a lot and i scored 33/60.i want to thank for the coordinators,sincethey help us with no payment.
Asay Gidena-Ethiopia

4125 days 3 hours 11 minutes ago

Joanna Bowler
Here it is.

4126 days 5 hours 46 minutes ago

Joanna Bowler

Thanks guys. I'm new to WizIQ and it's great to have good feedback. I've just posted another test on passive voice and prepositions - have a go and let me know what you think. I'm not sure how to link to it here - I'm still learning!

4126 days 5 hours 47 minutes ago

Mohammad Reza Minoosepehr

15 out of 15...easy but helpful .Thanks a lot.

4126 days 6 hours 51 minutes ago

Joanna Bowler
Native speaker English language teacher - CELTA qualified.
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