Mechanics Part 2 Online Test

A car is travelling at a constant speed on a hilly road as shown. Assuming that the tops and bottoms of the hills have radii of curvature R, find the position at which the driver is most likely to feel weightlessness.






9.0 m/s


A basketball is thrown at an angle of 30 degrees to the vertical as shown. If the air resistance is negligible and the horizontal distance the ball travels to the hoop is 6.5m, find the speed at which the ball enters the hoop.






A weight W is supported by two light strings inclined at

30 degrees and 60 degrees to the vertical as shown. If

the tensions in the strings are P and T, find the ratio

of P/T.



A theme park ride is shown in the diagram. The cars accelerate down the slope from rest and then loop through the loop on a circular section of track of radius r. Find the minimum height h so that the cars remain in contact with the loop at all times.

A helicopter ascends from the ground at a uniform speed of 1.50 m/s.

At a height of 10.0m, a brick is released. Find the speed at which the

brick hits the ground.

An object of mass 7.0kg is at rest on a smooth floor. A force of 20.0N

acting on the object accelerates it to a final velocity of 14.0m/s.

What is the work done by this force.



The variation of a force F acting on a body varies with time t as shown in the diagram. Find the speed of the body after 50s if it was initially at rest.

7 cm

21 cm


A 105 g block of width 7 cm and height 21 cm rests on a rough inclined plane. The centre of gravity of the block is located 7.0cm above its base at the centre of the cross-section. If the angle of inclination is gradually increased, find the angle at which toppling occurs.


A uniform sphere of mass 3.5kg is placed in static eqilibrium in between two smooth planes as shown on the left. Determine the force exerted by the vertical plane on the sphere.

A pendulum bob is released from rest in a horizontal position with the string taut. Which of the following statements is correct when the pendulum reaches its lowest position P as shown.


This test is suitable for students intending to take the Singapore-Cambridge Physics A level Examinations and those who are preparing for the IIT Entrance Examinations in India. Topics tested would include kinematics, dynamics, forces, work, energy, power and circular motion.

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