The Last Breath: Quiz 3 Online Test

How many verses in the Qur’an relate to the details of the laws of inheritance?

In a hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah (R), the Prophet (SAW) said which type of knowledge will be the first to be removed from his nation?

The Islamic system of inheritance gives each person their due share, based upon their righteousness.

According to the bible, both the old and new testament, a woman receives:

If a Muslim man is married to a non-Muslim woman:

Which is considered first upon someone’s death?

The verses related to inheritance in the Qur’an are in Surah:

Those who have a prescribed share specifically mentioned in the Qur’an number how many categories?

For purposes of inheritance, it is important to try to best determine the sequence of death of relatives during instances of mass catastrophes (i.e., those who died together drowning, in an earthquake, fire, etc.).

Concerning far relatives, a male or female receives an equal inheritance share, irrespective of their gender.


This third quiz covers review sessions 7-9, or Chapters 14 thru 19 in The Last Breath Class Notebook. Quizzes are available at the end of the week for the material covered. Also, please check back on Saturday, April 23rd for The Last Breath final mock exam to test yourself before you take the exam inshaa'Allah!

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