The Last Breath: Quiz 1 Online Test

How does the Islamic definition of death differ from the medical definition?

Which of the following is not a reason for remembering death?

The time of a person's death does not change.

You can choose the place of your death by moving to live in the land you wish to die.

Which of the following is not a cause of increasing your lifespan?

What is the Islamic ruling on wishing for death?

Which of the following is a manner that should be observed while visitng the sick:

Faith healing is not a part of our religion

It is recommended that we should ask pious people for ruqya

It is recommended that when a person is on his deathbed, he should have hope in Allah's mercy

What is the ruling on reciting Surah YaSin on the dead?

What is the ruling on washing, shrouding and praying for the dead?

A women in her menses cannot wash the dead

What is the recommended number of clothes to use for a woman

What is teh recommended number of cloths to use to shroud a man


This quiz covers review sessions 1-3, or Chapters 1 thru 7 in The Last Breath Class Notebook. Quizzes based on the other chapters will be available at the end of the week in which they were covered. Also, please check back on Saturday, April 23rd for The Last Breath mock exam to test yourself before you take the exam inshaa'Allah!

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