AIEEE - Physics. (Heat and Thermodynamics.) Online Test

How much the pressure be increased inorder to decraese the volume of the gas by 5% at constant temperature?

The air density at Mt. Everest is less than that at sea level. It is found by mountaineers that for one trip lasting a few hours, the extra oxygen required correspond to 30,000 cc at sea level pressure 1 atm, temperature 27 C. assuming that the temperature around Mt. Everest is -73 C and the capacity of oxygen cylinder is 5.2 litre and the pressure at which oxygen be filled (at site) in the cylinder is

A vessel has 6 gram of hydrogen at pressure P and temperature 500 K . A small hole is made in it such that hydrogen leaks out. How much hydrogen leaks out if the final pressure is P/2 and temperature falls to 300K

An enclosure of volume 3 litres contains 16g of oxygen, 7g of nitrogen and 11g of carbondioxide ay 27 C. The pressure exerted by the mixture approximately is

If the length of the cylinder on heating increases by 2% the area of its base will increase by

Ten gram of ice at 20 C is dropped into a calorimeter containing 10g of water ay 10 C. The specific heat of water is twice that of ice when equilibrium is reached, the calorimeter will contain

Two liquids A and B are at 32 C and 24 C. When mixed in equal masses the temperature of the mixture is found to be 28 C. The ratio of their specific heats is

A tap supplies water at 15 C and another tap connected to the geyser supplies water at 95 C. How much hot water must be taken so as to get 60 kg of water at 35 C

The coefficient of performance of a carnot refrigerator working between 30 C and 0 C is

A vessel contains Helium which expands at a constant pressure when 15 KJ of heat is supplied to it. what is the variation of internal energy?

Ice starts forming in a lake with water at 0 C when the atmospheric tempearture is -10 C. if the time taken for first 1cm of ice to be formed is 7 hours then the time taken for the thickness of ice to increse from 1cm to 2cm is

An object is at a temperature of 400 C. at what temperature would it radiate energy twice as fast? (Assuming that the temperature of the surrounding as negligible)


This test contains the questions on heat and thermodynamics chapter. .



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