Mechanical - Theory of Machines 1 Online Test

A car is speeding up in motion. Consider a small grain of sand on the circumference of the car tyre. The net acceleration vector of the sand particle

Which of the following is not a vector quantity

Area under a v-t curve represents

Slope of a v-t curve represents

The velocity time graph of a motion is horizontal straight line. Then

A body is moving with an acceleration a = 5bt, where t is time in seconds and b is a constant. If the body started with a zero velocity initially, then its final velocity after t seconds will be (t^2 means t squared)

How are acceleration (a) and velocity (v) related to displacement (s)?

The actual motion of a connecting rod of a slider crank mechanism is



The velocity time graph of a motion is shown above. Based on this graph tell which of the following is true?

There are 10 floors in a building of height h and assume each floor is equidistant from ground. A man on 7th floor drops a ball from his window (window is exactly in middle of 7th and 8th floor). The ball falls into a well (at the ground) whose water is h meters below the ground level. What is the velocity of the ball as it touches the water?


This test covers the basic chapters of Theory of machines: Kinematics, Dynamics of motion, mechanisms, analysis and synthesis. Momentum, Impulse, Collisions, simple harmonic motions, kinematic inversions of four bar mechanisms, kinematic inversions of slider crank mechanisms, kinematic inversion of double slider mechanisms.



An involute is defined as which of the following descriptions?.

A). The locus of a point on the cerumference of a circle that rolls without slipping on the circumference of another circle.

B). Locus of a point on a straight line which rolls without slipping onthe cirumference of a circle.

C) The circle on which the straight lSee more

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Mohit Raj Samal

I think the answer should be "tangential to the circumference of Tyre". If not then please explain in details.

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