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You create a Web site for a customer. You need to deploy the Web site to the customers server without any of the source files for the Web site. You do not want the customer to be able to update any of the static pages on the Web site. Which tool should you use?
None of the above
You create a Web site that is for members only. The behavior of the Web site changes according to the role of the user. The Web site uses the ASP.NET Membership control for creation of user accounts. You need to find out whether a user is a member of a particular role. What should you do?
Pass the user names and passwords to Membership.ValidateUser
Pass the role names to User.IsInRole
Pass the role names to Roles.RoleExists
Pass the user names to Membership.GetUser
What is the Current Version of Dotnet Framework ?
Your application uses two threads, named thread One and thread Two. You need to modify the code to prevent the execution of thread One until thread Two completes execution. What should you do?
Configure threadOne to run at a lower priority
Configure threadTwo to run at a higher priority
Use a WaitCallback delegate to synchronize the threads
Call the Sleep method of threadOne.
Call the SpinLock method of threadOne
You want to enable users of a Web application to modify the Web application's UI and behavior. These modifications must be maintained at the user level so that when users return to the Web application, the changes are still in effect. You need to achieve this goal by using the minimum amount of custom code. What should you do?
Persist control data by using view state.
Use Web Part controls
Maintain a profile for each user
Enable session state on the Web application.
You have a Web application that is configured for personalization. You need to access personalization data from one of the pages of the Web application by using the minimum amount of administrative effort. What should you do?
Access the personalization data from the Session property of the HttpContext object
Access the personalization data from the Application property of the HttpContext object.
Access the personalization data from the Cache property of the HttpContext object.
Access the personalization data from the Profile property of the HttpContext object.
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hello,sir plese helpfull question

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Helpful Question

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@MOHAN, Dear i am getting lots of such request, i am actually thinking of having a session online for this. Meanwhile Add me as your contact , i will see to it.
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Hello Sir, I am having 3 years of Experience in .net Technologies. Even though i am struggling in interview part. Please help me.

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i m happy bcz i got 6 outof 6 in this exam.

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Hi..Its very Useful Site..we can brush up our .net skills by attending this quiz....and i got 6 outof 6 in this paper(exam)

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