IELTS - vocabulary / time Online Test

at this moment in time


in those days

by the end of this year

from now on

decades ago

one day

in my childhood

from 2003 to 2010

ever since

at this point in history

these days

sooner or later

over the past six weeks


at the turn of the century

for the past few months

Decide if these words / expressions relating to time are used to talk about ...

1. the past

2. the past leading to the present

3. the present

4. the future

for the next few weeks

The Klondike gold rush lasted from 1896 to 1910. __________ the area became practically deserted overnight.

__________ the stock market collapsed, there was panic buying on an unprecedented scale.

__________ the earthquake, emergency organizations around the world swung into action.

He finished his speech with a word of praise for the police. __________ people began throwing bottles and bricks, and the riot began.

The minister continued speaking. __________ the police were ordered onto the streets.

__________ the speech they jeered and shouted protests.

__________ the minister was making his speech, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets.

The president made a speech praising charity organizations working in Mozambique. __________ that day he had promised massive economic aid to stricken areas.

It was my first trip on an aeroplane. __________ I'd always gone by train.

A sudden drop in temperature will usually __________ a blizzard.

__________ known as Burma, the republic of Myanmar is undergoing a slow and painful political transformation.

__________ the army had restored order, the city had been almost completely devastated.

__________ the advent of the Industrial Revolution, pollution was virtually unheard of.

in another five year's time

as things stand

over the coming months

this century




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Thanks! it really helped me.

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Farida Begum

Thanks! i enjoyed the test

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Nice one!
Thanks you :)

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