IELTS - vocabulary / stopping something Online Test

To stop your hard disk becoming too full you should __________ any unwanted programmes.

The new government Bill seeks to __________ the existing legislation.

The threat of severe punishment didn't __________ the thieves from striking again.

The college tries to __________ students from entering exams which are not suitable for them.

The committee decided to __________ its earlier resolution on the use of its premises.

The military government attempted to __________ the democracy movement by arresting its leaders.

The European countries decided to __________ relations with Libya.

You should never __________ a good job offer when it's offered to you.

We decided to __________ when we discovered the company was in financial difficulty.

Before his trial, his lawyer advised him to __________ embezzling company funds.

There is no refund if you __________ your vacation less than three weeks before the date of departure.

He applied for a judicial review to __________ the verdict.

They agreed to __________ their long-standing dispute.

I would be grateful if you would __________ my name from your mailing list.

You should __________ smoking if you want to feel healthier.


Farida Begum

WoW! superb mind juggling test.

4080 days 10 hours 13 minutes ago

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