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who discovered the proton?

how many anglo indians are nominated by the president to the loksabha

study of universe is called?

where did the 4th buddhist council held ?

which of the following has highest melting point?

Hidenberg Line separates which of the following countries?

Who discovered blood Circulation?

which Article empowers the High court to issue writs?

which of the following is an Indirect tax?

Which virus causes chicken Pox ?

Which of the following plan is also known as GADGIL Yojana?

NABARD was established on?

which of the following has a Ph value more than 7?

The leaning tower of Pisa is located in ?

Eagle is the national emblem of which of the following countries?

Golden quadrilateral high way does not pass through which of the following cities?

(1) Trivandrum

(2) Lucknow

(3) Goa

(4) Agra

Dharma sabha was established by

Article 368 of the constitution is deals with

which of the following is considered as superior quality coal ?

Study of Bones

Abhayghat is the crematorium of

Nobel Prize for Economics wa instituted in the year

Arrange the following in chronological order

I. Nanda dynasty

II. Sisunaga dynasty

III. Maurya dynasty

IV. Pushyabuti dynasty

who is known as Indian Einstein

Aphelion is

Sindhi was recognised as official language by the

which council endorses the five year plans

Reserve bank of india was nationalised in the year

Brassica campestris is the scientific name of

Jelep la pass is located in


Taking of this test is beneficial to those who are appear for CSAT,SSC,CDSE,CPF,.. .Questions in this test covers various fields like geography,indian history,polity,general science and on miscellaneous topics. 30 questions are given, which the candidate has to answer in 20 minutes. Less time is given to realise the drawbacks of the candidate in the concerned fields.



4th buddhist council held at kundalavana, kashmir and not vaishali!

2443 days 18 hours 56 minutes ago

Somraj Thakur

The answer of question no.4 is Kndolbon not Vishali. The 2nd was in Vaishali.

2984 days 18 hours 2 minutes ago


nice one

3977 days 21 hours 52 minutes ago


Be cautious with grammar of whatever you post on internet. Your subject matter makes sense, however, a little bit of attention to grammar will simply add to the beauty of the thing. Good Luck in future.

3990 days 4 hours 17 minutes ago

syed ibrahim

4th buddhist council held at kundalvana

4013 days 8 hours 11 minutes ago

syed ibrahim

th buddhist council held at kundalvana

4013 days 8 hours 13 minutes ago

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