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The planet Earth moving round on its axis.

A washing machine in its final stage of a wash.

The moon moving around the Earth.

A house slowly sinking into soft ground.

Water slowly being converted into vapour.

Traffic moving along a highway.

Water changing from a liquid to a solid because of the cold.

A loose wheel on a vehicle.

Gas coming out of a broken pipe.

A rubber ball hitting the ground and going back up into the air.

The population of a town becoming bigger.

A T-shirt which has been washed so often it has lost its color.

The sun coming up in the morning.

The sun going down in the evening.

Traffic lights going from Red to Amber to Green.

Cliffs being slowly destroyed by the sea.

Documents being laid out on a desk.

A wide river winding through the countryside.

The sun turning a person's skin bright red.

An incense stick in the entrance to a temple.

A lump of dry earth being rubbed between the fingers.

Cold metal as it gets hotter.

A piece of elastic being pulled so that it becomes longer.

A piece of glass being hit so that a long thin break forms in it.

A bomb suddenly blowing up.

A boat, after an accident, that goes to the bottom of the sea.

A volcano producing lava and ash.

A slow flow of water escaping from a pipe

A dead fish lying on the surface of a lake.

Knock over a glass of water and the contents of the glass go over the table.

Going down a chute into a swimming pool.


hamdi sultan

I think Question 19's answer is " tan ". is that right?

3588 days 1 hours 56 minutes ago

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