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The police asked him his __________ speeding through the town.

He failed his exam __________ his lack of revision.

A persistent cough __________ seek professional medical help.

They started stirring up the crowd __________ starting a riot.

He spent the whole weekend revising __________ pass his exam.

The exhaust fumes from traffic __________ people in many different ways.

The family was forced to economise __________ go heavily into debt.

The criminal was arrested __________ he was a danger to himself and others.

The income tax rate was raised by the government __________ the rapidly rising rate of inflation.

The rising crime rate alarmed the police superintendent and __________ adopt a zero-tolerance policing policy.

The income tax rate was raised by the government __________ curbing inflation.

When questioned, many racists cannot give logical __________ their attitudes towards other racial groups.

The income tax rate was raised by the government __________ curb inflation.

People often do things without considering the __________ their actions.

Panic buying __________ when the stock market crashed recently.

Riots and fighting in the streets __________ when the police officers on trial were acquitted.

He failed to submit his application form in time and __________ was unable to enroll in the course.

The army attacked without considering the __________ its action.

Stress and being overworked can __________ different people in different ways.

What are the __________ a large earthquake?

What was your __________ upsetting me like that?

Ths school was forced to close __________ poor student attendance.

The bank refused to lend the company more money __________ its low turnover and poor sales recently.

He refused to lend anyone money __________ people rarely repaid him.

They entered the house quietly __________ wake anyone.


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