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________ she is my friend, I know very little of her.

I have been to Egypt. _______, I was so young that I can't remeber much about it.

She's young _______ very pretty.

They have been very helpful indeed. ______, they have always been very kind and generous.

She is very well educated. _______, she is an honest and trustworthy person.

I regret to say that the company cannot afford to employ any more representatives. ______, none of you will be made redundant.

It was freezing cold and dark. That's why there was noone else sitting on that bench_______ me.

_________ are friends of Mary's.

I haven't studied hard. ______, I think I will pass the exam.

I was doing the housework _____ you were watching T.V. .

______ the fact that he works hard, he doesn't earn much money.

Not only _______ my CD but she also lied to me.

Kate is a clever person; _____ her brother is rather stupid.

They always argue. They love each other, ______.

The flight was canceled _____ the bad weather.

They got married when they were 14. _______, their marriage didn't last.

_______ out every single evening is really tiring.

They hated each other. _______, they decided to get married.

He was very nervous _____ he would finally meet his girlfriend's parents.

I asked her not to go. ______, she did.

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A test about English linking words
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Farida Begum


4193 days 5 hours 52 minutes ago

Arun kumar g

really nice up.... thanks

4195 days 6 hours 8 minutes ago

Prompt Prompt

Great 16 correct

4213 days 16 hours 51 minutes ago

Anu .

awesome test !! a little bit confused ..but cleared noww :)

4214 days 21 hours ago


Why can't "Despite of" be used instead id "In spite of" in question no. 11. Cam you please clarify?

4216 days 37 minutes ago

Amy K.
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