software testing

Functional system testing is

Peer Reviews are also called as

The Kick Off phase of a formal review includes the following

Regression testing should be performed: 

a) after the software has changed

b) when the environment has changed

Which of the following is the task of a Test Lead / Leader:

A) prepares the Test Plan and usecase documents.

B) Prepares the test cases and Execution of this test cases

Features of White Box Testing Technique :- i) Initiate a strategic initiative to build quality throughout the life cycle of a software product or service

ii)Provide a complementary function to black box testing.

iii) test it without opening it up, and you can’t see beyond its surface. You have to see if it works just by flipping switches (inputs) and seeing what happens to the lights and dials (outputs).

Static analysis is best described as:

Testing activity which is performed to expose defects in the interfaces and in the interaction between integrated components is :-


these questions r based on the manual testing for software testing this test contain some questions like black box testing white box testing and other concepts of the testing the questions were easy to answer there is no negative marking for the questions these r multiple choice questions



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