Mixed Conditionals Online Test

The students ____________________, if they studied more.
would have had more success
would be more successful
would have succeeded
would have been more successful
The village would have been destroyed ___________________.
if the dam had collapsed
if the dam collapses
if the dam will collapse
No choice is correct.
If the government hadn't imposed such strict laws, the citizens __________.
might have been angry
would be angry.
would not have rioted
No answer is correct.
If the lawyers don't protect the innocent people, no one ________________ from exploitation.
are safe
will be safe
can be save
No answer is correct.
If the government food aid had not arrived on time, thousands of people ______________.
could have starved to death
are starving
will be starving
No answer is correct.
If there continue to be electricity outages, the online technical support _____________.
is impossible
will be impossible
could have been impossible
No answer is correct.
The accounting office could run much more efficiently if it _________________ the much-needed manpower.
were to get
was having
had had
No answer is correct.
If I had forgotten your birthday, you ____________ mad at me.
would have became
had become
No answer is correct.
If you _________ the baby too much apple juice, she could have had a stomach ache.
have given
were to give
will give
No answer is correct.


A review of conditionals

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