How Do You Communicate Online Test

Someone cuts in front of you in a line. You:

A good friend has just gone through an emotionally wrenching breakup and needs some emotional support. You are exhausted from the day's work. The phone rings and caller I.D. announces that it's her. You:

You haven't taken a vacation for a while, and have one planned for next week. Your company gets a new project and they need you. It's time sensitive and, of course, they want your help during the two weeks you'll be on vacation. You:

When you're in an argument, you tend to be most concerned with:

Someone at work is making inappropriate jokes at your expense. You:

You are meeting a co-worker for the first time outside of work. They show up 20 minutes late. You:

You have a friend who is consistently 15 to 20 minutes late when meeting you. Eventually, you:

An overly critical relative that you see regularly tends to throw veiled insults at you, always pointing out what she believes are your shortcomings. Eventually you:

Your partner habitually makes you the butt of jokes in front of others. You bring this up in private and say that it hurts you when this happens, but your partner tells you that you need to develop a better sense of humor, and the jokes continue. You:

You go to dinner at your favorite restaurant. Your waiter brings your food after a very long wait, and when it finally arrives, it's cold. You:


This self test is designed to help you assess your style of relating with others. With each question, take a minute to vividly imagine how you would respond (be honest, so the test will be accurate and helpful). Then read each response and pick the one that best describes your response. (If your exact response isn't listed, just pick the one that's closest to what you would do.) At the end, you'll learn about your style of relating to others and how it might be impacting your life, and find resources for healthy communication and conflict resolution.


Sirina Poole

I enjoyed this test, but the two things I answered that were wrong, in my opinion were not. Interesting.

2615 days 16 hours 40 minutes ago


i communicate using my dick

2664 days 21 hours 13 minutes ago

Hanan Sitlia

I recommend this test because we learn what is the best approach to communicate with others and face same though situations. I think it is worth to improve our vision of things for better life.
Linda, I would like to understand what you mean by: "Try to get on that relative's "good side" and improve these flaws so you'll left alone". It's not that cleaSee more

4168 days 21 hours 34 minutes ago

Coach Linda Hillman
Master Empowerment Coach
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