TSN: Chapter 1 Quiz Online Test

What is the name of the Authour of the book?

What is the linguistic meaning of the word Arab?

The strategic geographical location, caused the Arabian Peninsula to become..?

What were the three groups of Arabs?

Where did the Pure Arabs originally live?

What is Ma'rib?

What does Sail Al Arim mean?

Who was known as Khuza'a?

Whose kingdom was named Ghassan after a spring in Hijaz?

Which were the two (2) most popular tribes of the pure Arabs?

Who do the Arabized Arabs go back to?

Who helped Prophet Ibraeheem build the Ka'bah?

All of th tribes of the sons of Ismaeel went into oblivon except?

From which tribe was our noble Prophet sallallaahu alayhim wa sallam selected from?

Quraysh remained completely disunified until who rallied their ranks given them great importance?


A quiz on the first chapter from the book The Sealed Nectar.

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