Parents kids Relationship Online Test

will you invest (time, energy and money) to learn how to be a Loving, Trusted and Respected parent?

Do you agree that kids in their "teenage" are Adults and need to be treated and nurtured as an Adult and why?

what you think, how vital is communication to build a trusting relationship with kids (Teens and Pre-teens age).

How important is positive Relationship (non-judgemental) with kids?

What you think is the most urgent problem for parents with their kids?


How to be an effective parents in 21st century?
one size doesnt fit all.
Are we the part of problem or solution and how well equipped are we to cope with modern youth problems and challenges.
It is about to understand the holistic prospectives across the demographics. How much children mean to us and do we understand their modern challenges?


Abu-Mohtasim. Ijaz Khan

Thanks Shijna,

you are very right but how many of us really serious about seeking right HELP.

my own experience is very few, including myself.

i only get out to seek help and support when i sensed that threshold of problem is exceeding to my capabilities.
real eye opening was when i got involve in parent and kids coSee more

4143 days 21 hours 38 minutes ago

shijna A.M

Parents are the people who need the guidance to nurture their children than any other person.

4143 days 21 hours 56 minutes ago

Abu-Mohtasim. Ijaz Khan

Please leave your comments or thoughts.


4144 days 3 minutes ago

Abu-Mohtasim. Ijaz Khan
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