The cathode of Zener diode in a voltage regulator is normally,

If a certain Zener diode has a zener voltage of 3.6 V, it operates in

For a certain 12 V zener diode, a 10mA change in zener current produces a 0.1 V change in zener voltage. The zener impedence for this current range is

The datasheet for a particulat zener gives Vz=10 V at Izt=500 mA. Zz for these conditions is

A no-load condition means that

A varactor diode exhibits


Compared to a visible red LED, an infrared LED

The internal resistence of photodiode

A diode that has a negative resistence charecteristic is the

An infrared LED is optically coupled to a photodiode. When the LED is turned off, the reading on an ammeter in series with the reverse-biased photodiode will

In order for a system to function properly, the various types of circuits that make up the system must be


This test contains the questions on types of diodes. It covers the some common questions on different type of diode which are mostly widely used in electronic circuits.

This test helps for the aspirants appearing for any competitive exams on electronics or written test of Govt PSU's. Also it helps to the electronic students for their examinations


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