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Mehrunissa was the wift of

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HCI means

Rajasthan royals is a


I am having a GK question bank with more them 5000 qs and even add more on various topics for all type of competitive exams from clerical level to civil services.
The topics include CURRENT AFFAIRS too with latest questions.

Anyone interested in solving that online here or who wants to get that by mail can contact on my mail ID.


Sameer Vashistha

If you want to do rest from the gk question and You need some this kind of homepage which has free google play codes.

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mengeluarkan uap yang mengandung air.
Selain logam ada yang disebut dengan istilah bukan logam (nonmetal) dan unsur

1968 days 1 hours 31 minutes ago

Diana Jeff

Great information about GK and Current affairs. I am glad that I found this article so much. But here I want to get you notice about latest General Knowledge and Current affairs information. In the current scenario we want know current affairs at every single day because it is very important as far as our studies are concern. We the people should understand social, political, sports and international news and affairs every time when it is needed. more

1972 days 18 hours 53 minutes ago

vinod kumar

pl send the latest current affairs related to bank clerk to my id

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plz send me general awareness questions @ id;

3836 days 2 hours 19 minutes ago


hello ! plz send all latest general awareness question for Clerical exam........thx my id is

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Hello Everybody

I liked GK question. Please send more latest GK questions Thanks

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hey plz send me the banking papers to tq

3984 days 16 hours 36 minutes ago

Mohammad Azharuddin

send me the aptitude questions to my mail id:


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Hello everybody

Sorry for mot clarifying earlier.
Anyone who wants qs from my qs bank or anyone who wants to attempt practice tests for any competitive exam from clerical level to civil services from amy topic like GK, MATHS APTITUDE,REASONING or ENGLIsh cam mail me.
But pls noted that one has to pay some amount for a set of 25 qs

3988 days 19 hours 48 minutes ago

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