IELTS - vocabulary / changes 1 Online Test

We need to __________ these cars so disabled people can drive them.

To make sure your car is safe, you should check and __________ the brakes on a regular basis.

You must __________ the voltage or the system will blow up.

Our bills will be less if we __________ from gas to electricity.

You can't __________ the terms of the contract once it has ben signed.

It will help your digestion if you __________ your diet.

We need to __________ our pounds for dollars.

We have had to __________ our sales force to cope with the extra demand.

The price of oil will __________ next year.

Prices of flats __________ from a few thousand to millions of pounds.

The country found it hard to __________ to the new government.

He found it hard to __________ to living in a tropical country.

She decided to __________ her appearance by having plastic surgery.

They had to __________ flights at JFK Airport.

You can usually __________ goods which are faulty if you show the receipt.

The management decided to __________ the company and sell the offices.

The number of people living in cities is __________ .

The old contract ran out and we had to __________ it.

They have received funds to __________ the old buildings.

The boss took the decision to __________ him from sales executive to manager.

His performance was so bad that they __________ him from director to manager.

If you wash your jeans frequently the colour will quickly __________ .

The company decided to __________ the permanent staff with freelancers.

The doctors were unable to __________ her illness.

Governments are trying to __________ pollution.

One way for a company to save money is to __________ the number of staff.

As we left on the boat we watched the islands __________ away into the distance.

Our main aim is to __________ tourism in the country.

The building is in good structural condition, but we need to __________ the air conditioning system.

The police are baffled by the increasing number of people who __________ each year.

The wasp sting caused his leg to __________ up.

The sugar was __________ in boiling water.

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