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Morris, a secondary school teacher, gives his class a Geography test. A certain student gets 6 out of 10. This can be called as

Which of the following is the right order?

Which of these objectives does NOT belong ot the Pyschomotor domain?

Attending, Receiving, Characterising are objectives of which domain?

Which of the following is the right way to write a specification

Ms Katha takes her History Class to the museum to leanr about Mughal Art. This is

A teacher administered a test to the students. Three weeks later the same test was administered to the same students. The scores were nearly the same. the test can be called as ----

Ms. Lolina wants to classify her students according to their ability by using a test. Which of the following will best serve her purpose?

Hansel administers a Science test to his students and finds that their scores are 34, 35, 35, 37, 43, 45. The median of the test scores is ------

Which of the following is a possible limitation of essay type questions


This test is meant to test your understanding of Educational Evaluation. The test includes questions on objectives of learning, types of evaluation, Bloom's taxonomy, learning experiences, various tools of evaluation, value based learning experiences.



Cynthia DCosta
Lecturer in Education

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