A captive user is one

A free user is one

When a user is locked, to unlock the same following is the menu used

Restriction of users from accessing certain accounts are done through menu

The option for Locking a user’s password by the user himself is done through menu

When a day is marked as a holiday, how to work in the system on a holiday if required?

Interest table is maintained through a table known as

Passwords are normally created in such a way that

Components of available balances of an account viz amount reserved by the system for clearing, floating balance, amount that can be withdrawn by the customer are available through

GL Sub head code of a given account can be changed through menu

Joint holder names for Joint Accounts can be found through

Proxy transactions are reversed through menu

Un posted or unverified Cash or Transfer transactions are traced through menu

During closure process of an account, the message ‘Interest not up to date means

The procedure for adjusting part-amounts against single credit available in Pointing

type of accounts is

Essential feature for printing of a document is

Part tran means

In TM following information is available

System Generated transaction vouchers

Three types of Exceptions are defined in the following order in Finacle

Enter, Post and Verify are three stages for completing a transaction. Data up dation takes place during

What is work class in Finacle?

Concept of Enter, Post and Verify amounts to

Following statement in respect of a transaction is true.

The difference between a back dated and a value dated transaction is

Uploading of transactions is done through the menu

Lien in an account can be released through menu’

After doing a transaction, advices can be generated through menu

Following are the mandatory screens to be visited while creating a Cust id through CUMM

Addresses of a customer can be captured at

Minor Details of a customer are captured at





A customer is categorized as Individual, or Partnership, or a Joint Stock Company at

Following is true in respect of TDS

In respect of loan accounts for non equated instalment accounts,

Under Loan repayment option “E” represents

LADISB stands for

Disbursement of a loan can be made through LADISB. However,

The various processes of interest adjustment in finacle is

Loan modeling (HLAMOD) menu has following options for computation

Abnormal limit details are obtained through menu

Post Dated cheques are maintained through menu

Liens are marked through

Following statement is true in respect of Loan accounts

Following statement is true

LTL stands for

FBI is used for

DCQRYP is used for

Packing Credit interest calculations are done through

Other party code is a term used in the following context

Under Bills, while charging commission or other charges in Finacle, following statement is true

In a bills transaction, Accept and Quit means

Under BM under option block “K” stands for

Concepts of Register and Sub Register are associated with a

Scheme Type refers to

Under Version 7.018 of Finacle there are totally

RELACI is a menu through which

Various options for setting up a Standing instruction in finacle are

The two conditions under which Standing instruction in finacle can be set are

Under ACLHM, Limits of a customer are withdrawn through option

In ACLHM (H option of ACM) if limit level interest flag reads as “Y”, it means that

The following statement is true in respect of renewal of a Term Deposit

Under TOD option, normal interest and penal interest are meant to read as under

Memo pad exists is a pop up message which is categorized as

In a current a/c there are only ECS transactions. Branch puts ECS upload as BI.

In a TM menu we can do the following

(i). See component of a/c balance (ii) Lodge clearing (iii) Give TOD (iv) PROXY Post a leg

Steps involved in issuing a duplicate DD are

Finacle’s poularity with Bankers is due to


If a customer does not want statements to be dispatched at his address. The DESPATCH MODE should be

Mr. A has joined PNB as a Scale II officer and is Branch Head of “XYZ Branch”. Mr. B has joined PNB as a Senior Manager in Scale III and is the operationa head of ‘ABC Branch’ (which is a large branch). The work class of

A customer has given Rs. 20,000.00 cash for TD a/c on 01-Oct-07. Due to branch carelessness the same was credited to Sundry Account. On 12-Oct-07 it was credited to SB a/c without any value date. On 13-Oct-07 TD was made value dated 01-Oct-07. The correct value date to credit TD a/c and debit SB a/c 0n 13-Oct-07 will be

Effective Available balance means -

In finacle, different inventories can be monitored at different user levels who are called as Auth users. Movement of inventories are monitored through menu option

Splitting and merging concepts are associated with the following

Charges for any event in Finacle can be collected through following means

Benefits of Leveraging CBS Technology for Customers is

Some of the products and Services provided to a customer under CBS are

Desktop in a PC normally contains the following

CC and BCC are options available while sending an email which means

Bio metric authentication is of the following types

Following may be classified as Destructive Software Types

Symptoms of a destructive software being active

Prevention from destructive software is possible through the following

Intruders use social psychology as a threat to information security system,

which is called Social Engineering. The same can be prevented through the


Information Security Policy normally comprise of the following trypes

Benefits of POS (Point of Sale) machine system are:

Internet Banking provides the following facilities.

Pre requisites of a Core Banking Solution implementation are:

Advantages of a Centralized Data Base is

Which of the following statement is correct?

If any loan has been sanctioned on differential rate how will you enter the rate of interest at the time of opening of account?

Whether value dated posting is permissible in CC/OD account? If yes, how the interest portion which has already been claimed will be adjusted?

In case of multiple Fund based and Non-fund based limits have been sanctioned and Security Register is to be maintained, what option should we take in SRM for linkage?

If any party is availing various limits under fund based and non-fund based, how to maintain and control the availment within the overall sanctioned limits?

A computer network mainly used to share:

As per IT Act, 2000, the digital images are required for authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation. The concept is known as?

National Financial Switch (NFS) has been set up to facilitate connectivity between the Bank’s switches and their ATMs and inter bank payment gateway for authentication and routing the payment details of various e-commerce transactions. Which organization has set up the switch?

Smallest storage unit of a computer is?

The term TCP/IP stands for?

The system of clearing in which the image of a cheque is transmitted instead of cheque is called?

What do you understand about data purging?


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