promotion test (IOB)

Urban Co-operative Banks are permitted to engage BC / BF subject to followings. Which is incorrect?

A agreement between two parties to exchange interest payment and principal on loans denominated in two currencies is called?

Housing loan for repai of damaged house upto a specified limit in Rural and Semi Urban areas are categorised under Priority Sector. Advise the amount?

Present priority Sector guidelines are recomended by the working group chaired by Whom?

To issue a replacement Demand Draft what is the amount upto which we need not wait to get confirmation from the drawee branch?

Maximum how many locker operations are permitted in Locker during a year?

In case of Mohammedans bank accept death certificate issued by whom?

Under NRI-Shield Insurance Scheme what is the Minimum and Maximum age limit?

What is the commission received by the Bank from Government on making PPF payments?

Under IOB-SHG Family Insurance Scheme what is the minimum and maximum age of the person to be insured in?

The share of Micro Enterprises to MSE lending is to be increased to 55% by the year ......................?

PAN is mandotary for investment in Mutual Fund for investment of ?

Term Loan Rs.12 Lac, Capital Rs.4 Lac, Reserve Rs.3 Lac, Prepaid Expenses Rs.2 Lac and Loss Rs.1 Lac. Find out TOL/TNE and DER?

Under 'IOB Healthcare Plus' expenses of Rs.1000/= are paid as out of pocket expenses to any of the parent for hospitalization of Children below what age?

Under 'IOB-SHG Family Insurance' Scheme what is the sum insured payable upon natural death of the insured person?

What is the Maximum Loan amount under Sanjeevani Scheme in Rural and Semi Urban Areas?

A centre is cllasified as Semi Urban when population is?

What is minimum amount of deposit / withdrwal from Currency Chest?

What is the maximum Term Loan that can be sanctioned under "IOB-SME-Advance Term Loan sanction Scheme?.

Branch Heads upto Scale IV can sanction credit facilities to Traders without 100% collateral coverage. However, colleral coverage should not be below.....?

What is the minimum Margin for Capital Market Exposure?

In case of Real Estate what is the minimum margin stipulation for Cost of Land for Private Agencies / Developers?

M/S Gargi Exports is enjoying WC facility of Rs.200 Crore under Consortium arrangement out of which Rs.20 Crore is with your branch. Party's availament at your branch is to the extent of 50%. Availment of limit with other member banks is above 90%. Advise on Commitment Charges?

Advise minimum prepayment charges for Working Capital limits?

A Party is sanctioned Cash Credit limit of Rs.80 Lacs and Letter of Credit Credit facility of Rs.200 Lacs. Under Loan Review Mechanism system account will be reviewed by whom?


Quiz on latest developments covering atleast one question from every chapter like locker, forex, advances, special credit schemes, parabanking products, MSME, Agri, SHG etc. It will give an idea on type of questions asked and will improve your speed to solve / answers. All the best!!!


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