science quiz -Matter Online Test

1. There are ................states of matter

2. The process of liquid becoming a solid is called...........

3. If you leave water in a glass and some molecules turn into a gas, it is called... the densest state of matter?

5. The freezing point will always be a lower temperature than the boiling point (with constant pressure).

6. A system that changes from a solid state to a liquid state gains energy.

7. .........take the shape of whatever the boundaries/container they are placed in.

8. Something that takes up space

9.state of matter that has no definite shape but has definite volume

10.state of matter that neither definite shape nor a definite volume

11 .state of matter that has a definite shape and definite volume


this quiz contains questions related to states of matter like solids, liquids and gases
it has 11 questions , multiple choice questions
quiz can be taken by elementary students who are learning about matter.
this test will help you test your knowledge about matter and its properties





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