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What country is known as the "Land of the Thunder Dragon" ?

What is the capital of Easter Islands

What country is known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean" ?

In which year did the world famous "Titanic" ship sink ?

Who won the "2010 Nobel Price for Peace" undergoing many problems ?

Who is the Present (By 13/02/11) president of the Arab Republic of Egypt ?

What is the National Carrier of Indonesia ?

What is the world largest Airport ?

What is the world tallest capital city?

What is the world lagest capital city?


Basically on Geography, History etc. It's just for fun and also to learn some thing new. I think General Knowledge is a basic need a person should have and also learn. You will be able to be current about your surrounding and also the world. I think it is a MUST for a person to learn a little of General Knowledge for that you can gain knowledge on any field


Sarah Taylor

You can likewise utilize the web to catch up on some of your learning deficiencies yet know that not all that matters that makes it to the internet is a reality. Check your sources-and utilize administrations like Google Scholar, and Ask an Expert to sort theSee more

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