General Knowledge Quiz Online Test

What country is known as the "Land of the Thunder Dragon" ?

What is the capital of Easter Islands

What country is known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean" ?

In which year did the world famous "Titanic" ship sink ?

Who won the "2010 Nobel Price for Peace" undergoing many problems ?

Who is the Present (By 13/02/11) president of the Arab Republic of Egypt ?

What is the National Carrier of Indonesia ?

What is the world largest Airport ?

What is the world tallest capital city?

What is the world lagest capital city?


Basically on Geography, History etc. It's just for fun and also to learn some thing new. I think General Knowledge is a basic need a person should have and also learn. You will be able to be current about your surrounding and also the world. I think it is a MUST for a person to learn a little of General Knowledge for that you can gain knowledge on any field


Neena Thomas

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Which type of question will be on this test. I think its all about Geography, History, General Knowledge and maths may you tell me. Which subjects are included.

122 days 23 hours 27 minutes ago

Rachel Priest

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