Test on Technology Mediated Communication

(1) Sharda sent an e mail to her friend Shobhana. What form of communication is this?

(2) Preetham wants to seek the varied views of his friends on certain issues in college. which would be an ideal mode?

whcih of th following could be termed as synchronous mode of communication?

(4) Which of the following would be most suited to display information about an institution such as your college?

Learning that makes use of CDs with powerppint presentations could be called as

(6) Imagine that a famous educationist Mr.Pradeep has to confer with students scattered all over the country. Which of the following would best suit the purpose?(consider internet facilities are available)

Which of these statements is true:

(8) Which of the following statements is false

(9) The World Wide Web is

(10) Hansel is looking out for some quick answers to a particular question. He has barely two hours before his examination.which of the following e learning modes would best suit his needs?


This test checks your knowledge about e learning, both online and offline learning, teleconferencing, world wide web, e mail, discussion forum, computer application CAI and CAM and the role of a teacher in e learning. It is designed for students undergoing teacher training.


Cynthia DCosta

Those taking the test please note, ignore the few typing errors. The first option in Q 8 should be e mails can be sent in languages other than English

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Cynthia DCosta
Lecturer in Education

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