A strict disciplinarian.

A group of secret advisors

An immensely generous person.

Relating to bears

A mischievous person.

A learned person.

A show of satire.

Morally corrupt.

A minor sin or fault.

Understood only by few or somewhat difficult to be understood by everyone. (adjective)


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which was my correct answers???

4061 days 9 hours 14 minutes ago

Arun kumar g

this s really are acroamatic questions:))

4067 days 13 hours 51 minutes ago

Sakti Biswal

amazing collection of words..I mean not only d correct ans but also d other options..really helpful!!

4110 days 11 hours 51 minutes ago

Sai Ganesh

Good one

4118 days 13 hours 50 minutes ago

A. R.C.

u r welcum. y havent you availed urself of d test?

4119 days 14 hours 25 minutes ago



4120 days 9 hours 20 minutes ago

A. R.C.
An introspective soul looking forward to teaching and learning.......
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