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who is the external affairs minister of india

IN B.I.S form 's'stands for

japam external affairs minister

IN MVAS 'm'stands for

who is yaddurappa

Indian Bankers association head quarter

RBI one of the deputy governors chakrabarthy is related to which department

Rudolf elmer was an employee of

know your customer introduced

AXIS bank chairman



pls give ans of every quston

3824 days 5 hours 46 minutes ago

manu sharma

lot of mistake in the answer are there please check the answers on google

3828 days 9 hours 40 minutes ago

kamil abdul jabbar

quite tough and in 1st question given choices are not appropriate.

3916 days 8 hours 18 minutes ago

Ankita Pramanik

it is too tough

3942 days 2 hours 20 minutes ago


Nirupama rao is an IFS officer, and the current Foreign Secretary of India, serving the External Affairs Ministry.

3956 days 3 minutes ago


sm krishna is the external affairs ministers

3986 days 2 hours 28 minutes ago

arti Jadejja

I think "shri S M KRISHNA" is the right answer of first question

4001 days 7 hours 35 minutes ago


first question is wrong

4002 days 7 hours 55 minutes ago

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