plants and animals ( GK) Online Test

the flower is borne on a stalk called-----------

Geourge washington's teeth were made of

------------helps in the exchange of gases in plants.

a fish that makes itself bigger by puffing it is -----

whate does not stick to the surface of the -----leaf

the african tse -tse fly spreads a disease called the ----


basic knowledge about the plants and the animals


kamil abdul jabbar

tse tse fly spreads sleeping sickness not yellow fever. Pls correct it. Wholly this test is not up to the mark(below standard) and not having correct options.

4122 days 22 hours 12 minutes ago

Akshay Deshpande

What is the difference in the Answer for the question 5, A and B having same options........?

4180 days 19 hours 4 minutes ago

Mohammad Azharuddin

gud one

4205 days 15 hours 52 minutes ago

kulwinder kaur
looking to learn English for TOEFL
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