Advanced Vocabulary Online Test

1 - The small number of students have the school from offering as many courses this year.

2 - She is the book into Polish from English.

3 - Could you the first point please? I don't understand it completely.

4 - There's little between success in life and a university degree.

5 - This is a strange custom that still .


Read the sentences below and decide which of these words best fits each space. You may need need to change the form of the word.
Here is the list of Easily Confused Words
allusion / illusion
alternately / alternatively
amusement park / theme park
beside / besides
bimonthly / semimonthly
cite / site
cologne / perfume
complement / compliment
concurrent / consecutive
connote / denote
dinner / supper
discreet / discrete
disinterested / uninterested
dough / batter
Earth / universe
emigrant / immigrant / migrant
envy / jealousy
farther / further
few / less
figuratively / literally
foreword / forward
hanged / hung
laid / lain / lay
melody / tune
part / portion
principal / principle
soap / detergent
stationary / stationery





Test was easy but the description is helpful but if you clarify all terms it would be perfect.

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