C++ Programming Online Test

What is pointer in C++?

what is Class in c++?

what is output of below programme?


void main()

{ int a=7;

int b=8;











who invented C++?

which is not the property of oop?


This test contains tricky programming questions for all students.
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c++  programming


Zain Ali

how output of Q.4 is "hello" while a!=b, as a=7 and b=8???

1427 days 15 hours 45 minutes ago


Write a program create array having 10 integer also create another array the numbers in 2nd array have double to the first array and print new array

1625 days 6 hours 49 minutes ago

Sajid Khan

any answer ..
Write a program to perform simple arithmetic operations. Input two numbers and the arithmetic operator and perform the required arithmetic operation based on the entered arithmetic operator. Print the result on the computer screen.

1782 days 5 hours ago


The "correct" answer to question number 2 isn't very accurate.

1892 days 2 hours 10 minutes ago

Debra cox

Well known about these Question and the fourth one is quite complicated with respect to the commonsense as a=b not a==b so i got confused and give the wrong answer.

2134 days 5 hours 29 minutes ago

Ravishankar Sharma

few qutions

2354 days 9 hours 31 minutes ago

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