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As per the Balance Sheet of M/S Kisan Traders, Current Ratio works out 2:1. If Net Working Capital is Rs.1.50 Lacs, what will be amount of Current Assets?

Total Liabilities of M/S Indian Auto is Rs.10 Crore, Current Liability is Rs.5 Crore and Unsecured Loan repayble after 36 months is Rs.2 Crore. Loss incurred during the year is Rs.50 Lacs. What will be Tangible Net Worth of the firm?

A company revaluates its fixed assets. As a result company's Net Worth, Tangible Net Worth and Debt to Equity Ratio will

M/S Soni Systems has incurred loss during the year. Loss incurred is absorbed from retained profits to clean the balance sheet. It will result in

Long Term Uses of a firm are Rs.50 Lacs and total liabilities are Rs.130 Lacs. Loss incurred is Rs.10 Lacs. If Current Ratio is 2:1 which of the folliwng will be correct?

As per Balance sheet of M/S Goyal Links Long Term Sources are Rs.40 Lacs and WC limit is Rs.30 Lac. Total assets are Rs.100 Lacs. Preoperative expenses are Rs.5 Lacs. Current Ratio is 1.5:1. Advise amount of Current Liabilities and Tangible Net Worth?

Some of the Key Financial Indicators of a firm are hereunder:

Capital Rs.35 Lacs Reserves Rs.10 Lacs

Debentures Rs.15 Lacs Term Loan Rs.65 Lacs

Creditors Rs.10 Lacs Provisions Rs.10 Lacs

Preoperative Expenses Rs.5 Lacs Prepaid Expenses Rs.10 Lacs

What will be Debt-Equity ratio of the firm?

Debt-Equity ratio of a firm was 1.5:1 during year ended 31.03.2009 and it is 2:1 as on 31.03.2010. It may be due to?

M/S Bhandari Exports is enjoying LC limit of Rs.500 Lacs at Cash margin of 15%. At party's request magin is reduced to 10%. It will .........

A civil contractor has sought Misclenous Cash Credit limit of Rs.50 Lacs. Projeted sales for the year are Rs.180 Lacs and forced sale value of property offered as security is Rs.110 Lacs. Advise Working Capital requirement of the firm?

A firm has net owned funds Rs.20 Lacs and total assets of Rs.100 Lacs out of which fixed assets are Rs.40 Lacs. Debt equity ratio is 2:1. What is current ratio?

A firm's debt-equity ratio is 2:1 and current ratio is 1.5:1. Term Loan availed is Rs.40 Lacs and total liabilities are Rs.100 Lacs. What will be Net Working Capital?

Sales of firm A is Rs1800 Lacs and closing stock is Rs.200 Lacs. Firm B sales is Rs.2100 Lacs and Closing Stock is Rs.210 Lacs. Stock management of which firm is better and why?

A firm has average receivable of Rs.150 Lacs. Its annual sales Rs.1800 Lacs. What is debtor velocity?

A firm has fixed cost of Rs.100 Lacs. Selling price per unit is Rs.8000/= and varibale cost is Rs.3000/=. What is break even point?

A firm is engaged in manufacturing of dolls. Variable cost is Rs.40/= and selling price is Rs.100/=. Annual sales is Rs.1.20 Lacs. What is the no. of margin of safety units?

An MSME unit annual sales turnover is 300. Caluclate working Capital requirement and MPBF.

Working Capital requirent of a sugar mill is assessed as per

Audited Financial statements from firms are not insisted upon in case

A firm has total current assets of Rs.25 Lacs and current assets other than stocks are Rs.13 Lacs. If stock turnover ratio is 10 times, what are annual sales?

NWC of a firm is Rs.20 Lacs. Total assets are Rs.90 Lacs out of which current assets are Rs.40 Lacs. What are other liabilities?

A firm has total liabilities of Rs.11 Lacs, goodwill of Rs.1 Lac and net worth is Rs.3 Lacs. What is its total outside liability to tangible net worth ratio?

A firm has net profit of Rs.10 Lacs, depriciation of Rs.2.5 Lacs and annual interest on term loan is Rs.2.5 Lacs. If DSCR is 2, what is the amount of annual installment of term loan?

Total liabilities of a firm is Rs.140 Lacs with term liability is Rs.50 Lacs. prepaid expenses are Rs.5 Lacs and pre-operative expenses are Rs.5 Lacs. Current ratio is 2:1 and Current assets are Rs.80 Lacs. What will be net worth and what will be TOL / TNW ratio?

Sales of a unit is Rs.3 Lacs, fixed cost is Rs.60000/= and variable cost Rs.2 Lacs. What is break even sale?


It is observed that a few questions are asked relating to financial statements. Here are 25 questions on it. Explanations are also given with the answers. Level of questions require basic knowledge and not specialization in finance.
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