CBSE MATHS for classes X to XII Online Test

If a Line makes angle 90 with X,Y and Z axes, Find its direction cosine

The direction cosine of a line which makes equal angles with co ordinate axes are

If a line has direction ratios 12, -18, -4 then which of the following is not its directional cosines

The points (2,3,4),(-1,-2,1) and (5,8,7) are co linear

The three lines with direction cosines

12/13, -3/13,-4/13

4/13, 12/13,3/13

3/13, -4/13,12/13

are mutually perpendicular.

Two lines with directional cosines l,m,n and x,y,z are perpendicular to each other if

lx+my+nz is equal to

The line through ( 1,-1,2) (3,4,-2) is perpendicular to the line through the points (o,3,2) (3,5,6)

The line AB will be parallel to the line CD if

Find the cartesian equation of the line which passes through the point (-2,4,-5) and parallel to the line given by

(x+3)/3 = (y-4)/5 = (z+8)/6.

Determine the distance of the plane from the orizin for z=2


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