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A woman enterpreneur is sanctioned composite loan of Rs.100 Lacs and loan is covered under CGTMSE. Advise maximum risk cover available to bank?

As per Prime Minister's Task Force on MSME unit 60% of the MSE advances is to be achieved in stages? Advise year upto which target is to be achieved and who headed this committee?

Central government has come up with a scheme to provide interest subsidy on education loans. Which of the followings is the Nodal Bank for this scheme?

Banks have to disburse certain % of total advances of previous year under DRI. Advise the % and within DRI % of SC / ST beneficiares?

Followings are not considerd under Weaker section for the purpose of priority sector lending?

It is observed that advances to MSME sector is not peaking up to expected level. To overcome it target are fixed under priority sector. Advice Goals in % fixed for Indian Bank and Foreign Bank?

Under Priority Sector allocation of Housing Fiance is also done. Advice target fixed in % and on what basis?

Advise name of sub-committee on Micro Finance Institutions?

High level Task Force on MSMEs constituted by Government of India was headed by whom?

MSME account are covered under CGTMSE. Guarantee cover commence from .............?

In a Farmers' Club advise minimum and maximum number of members?

Advise amount of Financial Support available to Farmers' Club from NABARD and Bank during initial year?

Normal life of a Tractor is..................... working hours

What is the ceiling of project cost for indicdual's project and group's project under ACABC (agriclinic and agribusiness centres)

What is the ceiling of Project cost in case of extermely successful individual projects?

Under Agriclinic and Agribusiness, subsidy pattern is changed from 'Capital and interest subsidy' to back ended 'Composite Subsidy'. Advise % of subsidy to following categories of beneficiaryies?



Resident of NE and Hill States

All others

Following except one are the features of Laghu Udyami Credit Card?

Buyer's have to make payment to Micro and Small enterpises within a period of how many days? In case payment is not made within acceptable time norms, what is the interest to be paid on delayed amount?

Indian Overseas Bank has make an tie up arrangement with M/S Biofuels India (P) Ltd for cultivation of following/s of crop/s

Hosuing loans upto Rs.20 Lacs are eligible to be covered under Priority Sector. What is maximum LTV ratio acceptable to Housing Loans covered under Priority Sector?

Following are the targets fixed prioery sector under Export Credit for Domestic Commercial Banks (DCB) and Foreign Banks?

Mr. Mahesh and agri graduate is sanctioned a loan of Rs.10 Lacs for seting up of Agriclinic. His brother Ramesh is running a store which is engaged in supply of cattle feed for which he is enjoying CC limit of Rs.40 Lacs. Which of the two activities are eligible to be classified as Direct Finance to Agriculture?

M/S Imran Traders are dealers in drip irrigation system and enjoying WC limit of Rs.50 Lacs with your Panchkula Branch. Account will be clasified under following category..........

M/S Ravi Forging an Small Manufacturing enterprirses has submitted a Loan application seeking Composite Loan of Rs.100 Lacs. All the necessary documents are also submitted along with application. Advise time period stipulation for disposal of loan application?

No penal Interest, Processing Charges and Inspection Charges are applicable for Loans sanction under Priority Sector upto what extent?

Mr. Ram Singh is sanctioned a Housing Loan Rs.25 Lacs for purchase of house costing Rs.40 Lacs. His friend Sonal is sanctioned HL Rs.40 Lacs for purchase of house costing Rs.50 Lacs. What will be the Risk Weight for both the loans?

IOB has established Rural Self Employment Training Institutes at which of the following centre?

Under Micro and Small Enterprises loans upto Rs.............................. can be sanctioned without collateral security?

Mr. Hari Mohan, an Ex-Serviceman is desirous of establishing a Card Board Manufacturing unit is rural area. If project cost is Rs.10 Lacs, what will be his contribution, Subsidy and Bank Loan?

What is the ceiling of loan under Swarojgar Credit Card, card validy and maximum charges for issuance of card?


Here are 30 questions on priority sector which includes Agriculture, MSME, Housing Sector and Educational loans mainly. Priority sector is of much importance from examination point of view. It is an attempt to give the basic idea. For reading materials / notes on Priority Sector email to It is free of cost....



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