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The way he drives, he's ____ to have an accident some day.

Fasten your seat belts- the plane's ____ to land.

They're ____ to be late- they're never on time.

I checked with the station- the train is ____ to get in at 7.30.

I had my coat on and was ____ to leave when the phone rang.

She's _____ to retire in the summer when she reaches the age.

He looks angry- I think he's ____ to lose his temper completely.

With such poor sales figures, they're ____ to go bankrupt sooner or later.

The aircraft couldn't take off ____ to the fog.

He was ____ to appear in court last Friday but didn't show up.


Your task is to feel the difference between "About to, Bound to and Due to "
bound - definition
1something that is bound to happen will almost certainly happen
2 having an obligation to do something because of a law, promise etc
3 feeling that you should do something because you are expected to, or because it is morally right, even if you do not really want to do it
due to - definition
because of something

to be going to happen or do something very soon


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very interesting , but I think it would be better if there were variety of different type of questions!=)

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