Test 2

Mr. Praveen, an NRi deposited a GBP denominated Cheque drawn on his account with Berlin, Germany branch for collation. There is extraordinary delay in collection. Advise the interest to be paid to him as per compensation policy?

FCNR deposits can be opened for a maximum period of ..........

FCNR (B) deposits can be opened jointly with

Mr. Joseph, a NRI returned back to India for permanent settlement. He holds five FCNR (B) deposits at your bank. He has approached for FCNR (B) deposits. What you will suggesh him?

In case of FCNR (B) deposits nominee could be

Followings are among the Permitted Currency for FCNR.

A cheque is presented for collection at Navi Mumbai branch of SBI. Advise normal collection period?

Unspent foreign exchange has to be surrendered within a period of?

AD can remit USD 100000 for various puroses. Which of the following is incorrect?

Authorised dealers are permitted to effect advance remittances (without bank guarantee) towards import of goods upto ...................... amount.

Import bills received directly by the importers from the overseas suppliers is non - acceptable in which of the following cases?

After making advance remittance physical import of goods should take place within how many days?

A Sight Bill is received by your branch. Advise period within which bill is to be crystallised?

Mrs. Leena, Power of Attorney holder of Mr. Naman (an NRI) approches your branch for demand loan against FCNR and Non Resident Deposits of Mr. Naman. Advise amount of loan that can be sanction against these deposits?

M/S Sheela Bakery is sanctioned a CC limit of Rs.5 Lacs and account is declared NPA. Operations are permitted in the account. Advise amount upto which cash withdrawal may be permitted in this account?

A small manufacturing enterprises is sanctioned following credit facilities.

Cash Credit - Rs.25 Lacs,

Term Loan - Rs.35 Lacs,

Letter of Credit - Rs.25 Lacs,

Letter of Guarantee - Rs.25 Lacs.

Which of the above facilities may be covered under CGTMSE.

ABC bank has sanctioned Housing Loan at teaser rates. Advise Provision on such housing loans initailly and one year from the date of which the rates are reset at higher rates if account remain standard?

ICICI Bank has sanctioned a Housing Loan of Rs.20 Lacs on 01.10.2007 under teaser rate scheme with interest rate of 9% upto 31.03.2009 and 11% from 01.04.2009. Account turns NPA on 30.09.2010. Advise provision as on -

31.12.2007 (O/S Rs.20 Lacs)

30.06.2010 (O/S Rs.18 Lacs)

30.09.2010 (O/S Rs.18 Lacs)

Your branch has sanctioned an unsecured loan of Rs.5 Lacs on 01.01.2007. Advise provision requirement when account is standard, substandard, doubtful treating the outstanding at Rs.5 Lacs?

ABC bank has an NPA account under MSME category amounting Rs.10 Lacs, Bank has decided to sell the NPA. It can sell the NPA in case

Dhan Singh is an agriculturist has approched your branch for Kisan Green Card of Rs.3 Lacs. your branch is categorised as Non Rural. Advise processing charges?

A Self Help Group is sanctioned a Term Loan of Rs.5 Lacs for minor irrigation project under SGSY scheme. Advise maximum amount of subsidy?

All except one are silent features of Mahila Udhyam Nidhi of SIDBI

Composite Loans are recomended to small enterises upto what extent and for which credit facilities?

Advise name of sub-committee on Micro Finance Institutions?


Test on Banking for Grade Promotion. It is a multiple question test paper and covers wide areas on banking. My sincere suggestion is to read the Master Circulars issued by Bank and RBI to get better score. This is a multiple choice test. Only 25 questions are set and attempt these in 20 minutes. Better score will surely improve your confidence. Best of Luck....


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