Vocabulary Test 1 - (Hard)

1. Idiosyncrasy is:

2. Someone with excessive concern for precision and formal rules is:

3. Beleaguer means:

4. John’s __________ was irritating. He was reluctant even to buy bread!

5. An ombudsman is:

6. If something is in oblivion:

7. The fights on the streets created a big:

8. Mary was always able to recover quickly from misfortunes. She was very:

9. A Pyrrhic victory is:

10. The ________ steps confirmed he was hiding from someone.


This test will check your English vocabulary level. Please, mind that it involves advanced vocabulary level.
How to Improve Your Vocabulary
1. Make a list of subjects that fascinate you most.
2. Try picking up or subscribing to a newspaper from another part of the country
3. To make learning easier and more productive, use flash cards in a new and more effective way to master several words at once.
4. Object words are easier because your are learning the definition of a word which is also a tangible item that you can picture in your mind. Go to a unique curio shop, specialty store or science or other obscure type of museum you have never been too before


Faizan Afzal

its easy, 8/10

2373 days 4 hours 13 minutes ago

Neelnoyona Phukan

i got 7 corect

3151 days 20 hours 34 minutes ago


why resilient, though misfortune used here ?

4067 days 3 hours 7 minutes ago

umang dutta

good questions

4100 days 3 hours 59 minutes ago


good one

4220 days 10 hours 18 minutes ago



4221 days 2 hours 43 minutes ago

Sowmya Peri

nyc one!!! with a lot of thinking i got 10 on 10!

4221 days 3 hours 9 minutes ago

Good Luck

I got 10 on 10 though I guessed 2 of them!!

4221 days 6 hours 19 minutes ago

Xennia Kechina
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