Test Papers on Banking

In a micro manufacturing enterprises, the maximum investment in plant & machinery is:

An handicapped person belonging to SC/ST category approched bank for DRI Loan. What is maximum amount of loan that can be sanctioned to him?

A chartered accountant having four years of experience an annual income of Rs.5 Lakhs approchaed your branch for Term loan under Under IOB C A Scheme for purchase of site and construction of office. Your branch is in Urban area and project cost is Rs.10 Lakhs which includes land costing Rs.6.00 Lakhs. Advise amount of maximum finance for purchase of Land?

............. Card Holders of ................ Bank can now withdraw Rs......... per ......... from POS.

Recently an IAS couple is found guilty of violation of FEMA. What is the maximum imprisonment they may face?

A company's Balance Sheet is given below

Liabilities Assets

Capital - 400 Fixed Assets - 600

Long Term Liabilities - 500 NCA - 200

Current Liabilities - 1100 Intangibles - 200

Current Assets - 1000

Work Out Current Ratio

A company's Balance Sheet is given below

Liabilities Assets

Capital - 400 Fixed Assets - 600

Long Term Liabilities - 500 NCA - 200

Current Liabilities - 1100 Intangibles - 200

Current Assets - 1000

Advise Tangible Net worth?

A unit is engaged in manufacturing of utensils. Annual turnover for last year is Rs.500 Crore and party has requested for WC limit. Avaiilable Net Working Capital is Rs.40 Lakhs and party has no immidiate plan for capital expenditure. MPBF is .........

Following do not consitutes part of Tier II capital under Basel II

Which of the Bank has recently lauched laon for Marriege? Maximum Loan amount is Rs.......... Lakhs

A Bank can undertake Insurance Business where

IN IOB a no frill SB account holder was permitted TOD. He approches for fresh TOD. Wat are the documents required for permitting TOD in no frill accounts?

An person employed with your corporate client approches branch for opening of his personal account. For KYC compliance you require ...

from 20.01.2011 Mobile Portability is implemented all over India. It was initially stated on ............. in .............. by .................

Centre has announced setting iup of a high-level committee on financing of Infrastructure. Proposed head of committee is?

Well managed and financially sound Urban Coperative Bank are permitting RTGS membership subject to minimum net worth of Rs. Crore.

Risk weightage for Housing Loan of Rs.100 Laks is?

Y H Malegam Committee is for examining

Which of the followings is not a recomendation of Malegam Committee?

Liability insurance covers all retails loan backed by mortgage except

Collateralised Borrowing and Lending Obligation (CBLO) is a

LRM is to be submitted by branches for .......... of Rs........... on / within

Under IOB Urban Horticulture Scheme Loan is eligible for finance

Following is not a related / is a benefit under NRI Shield

Mukesh has RFC and FCNR deposit with your branch and approches for Loan against these deposits. Maximum loan amount is:

An NRI is sanctioned a Housing Loan of Rs.20 Lacs. EMI is Rs.15000/=. NRI has sought permission to rent out the house at monthly rental is Rs.12000/=. As per guidelines EMI to be recovered by way of

Following of the Special Credit Schemes is not withdrawan by IOB.

Bank has signed MoU with International Tractor Limited which have executed Corporate Guarantee. Which of the following is not true in this regard.

An Infrastructure Finance Company is defined as a non deposit taking NBFC fulfilling some criterias. Which is not coorect?

Money Matters was in news recently. Reason is

Which of the following is not term related to Capital Markets?

Classification of Centre is done on the basis of population and on the basis of tiers (tier I to Tier 6). Which of the following is not correct?

Mr. Dutt appoints his twelve years old son Varun his agent by power of attorney signed on 15.12.2010. Mr. Dutt expired on 21.01.2011. on 28.01.2011 three cheques dated 15.01.2011, 28.11.2010 and 22.01.2011 are presnted in clearing. Which of the cheque will be honored for payment?

Mr. Hari, a Hindu Soldier died in fighting with terrorists. Before death he gave an oral will. such a will is called:

While calculating Drawing Power for Cash Credit limit against hypothecation of stocks and book debts, value of which of the following is deducted?

Credit facilities involving heavy capital outlay are generally sanctioned by a consortium of Banks / Financial institutions. It is because of?

Followings of the proposals are received by branch:

An education loan Rs.5 Lacs,

A truck loan to SRTO,

A housing loan to SC / ST member under DRI,

Kisan Green Card of Rs.10 Lacs.

Which loan application can not be rejected by branch without permission from next higher authority?

M/S Soni Systems, a small service enterprises is engaged in software development and aproches your branch for Working Capital requirement. You can sanction limit upto Rs................ under Projected Turnover Method.

M/S Rama Paper Mills Pvt Lts is Large Industry engagd in manufacturing of paper. Company's WC requirement is Rs.12 Crore. WC limit can be assessed by way of ?

Mr. Anuj is enjoying Housing loan and Car loan from your branch. He has got adequate money from sale of his plot and want to forclose both the loans. He has to pay penalty on prepaid amount as under.

As per RBI norms collateral free loan upto Rs.............. are to be sanctioned under agriculture.


This paper is for grade promotion tests for bankers in general and IOBians in specific. It is an attempt to familiarize you all about the sorts of questions asked in grade promotions tests. Start attempting for sure-shot success.

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