Current Affairs /General Knowledge Online Test

What is the current CRR Ratio issued by RBI?

7) Who is the Finance Minister of India?

10) Which is the oldest university in the world?

Which 5 year plan is in effect currently?

6) Which of the following company started free home delivery of pizza?

“Obsessed with Quality since 1897’’ is the punch line of which company?

4) Mount Everest is in which country?

3) Alcoholic drinks contain?

2) LG stands for?

1) Indian Security agencies have demanded access to which mobile company’s server for security reasons?


10 questions on general knowledge and current affairs. Negative marking is there. try and solve with accuracy and don't just click on any option have some thought behind it and some pure knowledge base
Best luck...


Parveen Kumar Sinhmar

The test is having many wrong information...

Kindly check before you post

2394 days 4 hours 51 minutes ago


its not updated

3024 days 17 hours 13 minutes ago


This Test Is Vert Nice.

3923 days 9 hours 51 minutes ago


for those who are saying that lg for life,s good
LG Corp. founder Koo In-Hwoi established Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. in 1947.[4] In 1952, Lak-Hui (pronounced "Lucky", currently LG Chem) became the first Korean company to enter the plastics industry. As the company expanded its plastics business, it established GoldStar Co., Ltd., (currently LG ElSee more

3944 days 14 hours 43 minutes ago

dil bag guraya

good n intresting

4047 days 11 hours 41 minutes ago

Suma Yogitha

LG stands for Life's Good...not lucky gold star

4101 days 5 hours 17 minutes ago

Ankita Pramanik

it is very tough test for me and also confusing.

4105 days 15 hours 16 minutes ago

bindia nagori

mujhe kuch question mein doubt tha joh maine yeh test dene pe clear ho gaye hai vaise aapka ik question galat hai lg stand for life's good

4110 days 5 hours 50 minutes ago


Good 2nd question LG stands for lifes good.
nice job

4131 days 11 hours 32 minutes ago


good for any comptative exam

4148 days 4 hours 42 minutes ago

Test: 1

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